Legal Smartphone Tracking Software

Nowadays, it is hard to find a reliable software that can cope with an important task of tracking one’s activity. Most of the software presented are fraud or illegal (or are going to be considered illegal soon), and the reason is simple: manufacturing legal and properly operating product is a hard task demanding months of researches and development efforts, and also paying taxes. However, some providers do make reliable programs that can be used safely and efficiently.

How to Use Tracking Software?

An example of the software that ideally responds all requirements is developed by the mSpy company, the recognized leader of the industry that operates on the market for years.

You can use it for several purposes:

  • track employees’ activity at the workplace
  • track children’s activity in the web

The app needs to be installed on a device, and afterwards you get data on the smartphone activity (location, calls, SMS) online in your personal dashboard on the manufacturer’s website.

Compatibility and Special Features

The app is fully compatible (available both for iOS and Android) and can be used on any device. It is designed to track activity in popular messengers (Facebook, SnapChat, WhatsApp), record call logs, SMS and it can also provide detailed information on phone’s location throughout the day.

Is It Ethical to Use Tracking Software?

It depends on the object tracked. For example, if you use tracking software on the phone of the grown up person that doesn’t know about it and who is not your employee that has signed corresponding papers, this is illegal.

However, if it used on the device of someone you are responsible for it is fully ethical. Just because there could be no other option for you to obtain information about your kids’ activity in the web.

How Tracking Software Affects Efficiency?

If you need to provide security for information obtained by employees or if you need to make sure they are not distracted from their direct responsibilities during working hours, this app is a lifesaver as it allows you to know what each employee is doing right now with minimum efforts. Since the employee is aware that hisher activity is tracked down, the person will make effort to avoid distraction. On the other hand still, if the employer observes some trends of inappropriate waste of time at the workplace, the employer can provide some feedback to the employee.

How Tracking Software Improves Safety Issues?

If you have children this app would be a valuable asset for you due to the fact it can inform you about the child’s activity online. You can always know whether your child is in school now, who is texting with him (or her) and when. You can also address this issue if texting takes place during the lessons, or if it has some inappropriate character.


The value of the tracking software can not be questioned, however, it is important to make sure you use this tool properly. In order to comply with all your needs and stay in frames of law you need an appropriate tracking tool. mSpy tracker is designed to provide safe and legal tracking and this is why it is worth trying.