Kindle app confirmed for Windows Phone 7

After making waves on virtually every other smartphone platform out there, Amazon has created a Kindle app that will be available with the launch of Windows Phone 7 in the US in November.

The Windows Phone 7 Kindle app will bring Amazon’s 725,000 e-books to early adopters of Microsoft’s new mobile operating system. For the most part, it will function just like the apps on iPhone, Android, and Blackberry.

One new feature Amazon has incorporated, though, is the ability to send “suggestions” for books to friends. While in the Kindle app, users can select an e-book and send off a message to someone with a personalized book recommendation form.

In addition, on the app menu screen, the Windows Phone 7 Kindle app will offer book suggestions to the user based on their purchase and reading history.

Of course, it will also incorporate the same feature as all other apps, allowing users to start reading one book on their Kindle device and have the Windows Phone 7 app immediately recognize where they left off.

Despite fierce competition from the Nook and iPad, Kindle sales remain strong. In fact, Amazon sold more Kindles in the last quarter than it has in any previous quarter, fueled largely by the increase in product availability and lower prices.