Sony releasing standalone 320 GB PS3 for $350

Sony has just announced it will be releasing the 320 GB PS3 unit, which is currently bundled in a $400 PlayStation Move-centric hardware package, as a standalone console in time for the holiday shopping season. At $350, it’ll be the most expensive standalone console system on the market.

This unit will be something like the 900th PS3 SKU that Sony has released since the first slate of consoles went on sale in 2006. Sony has discontinued the 120 GB and 250 GB models in favor of the 160 GB and, now, 320 GB units, but stores still have stock of the lower-capacity versions and haven’t received price cut instructions from Sony.

The Move bundle includes the Move starter pack, which on its own retails for $100. Sony said the standalone 320 GB units will be available “soon.” The demand for higher-capacity consoles continues to grow as more and more digital content is added to the PlayStation Store.

Of course, if you have so much as a screwdriver, you can just buy the cheapest PS3 out there and buy any laptop-sized hard drive and easily increase the system capacity yourself. 1 TB hard drives can be found online for just a little over $100.