Jrop Roadside Assistance: The Uber For Flats And Breakdowns?

With the convenience and widespread adoption of Uber over the years, many companies have entered the mobile space for on-demand transportation services. Rarely do these companies have the ingenuity to stand out from the masses. Jrop (pronounced “drop”) is an exception.

As an on-demand roadside assistance and towing platform, Jrop is a beacon of new technology in a sector made stale by lack of adaptation and industry fragmentation. They practice streamlined processes, allowing users of the platform to request help through the app and have a driver dispatched to their location in under sixty seconds. Average arrival times are under 30 minutes, far faster than AAA and other roadside assistance alternatives.

Those who have faced the misfortune of a flat tire, a breakdown, or running out of gas know the inconveniences that follow. Long, drawn-out phone calls in areas of spotty service. Dozens of questions while cars tear past on the sweltering highway. Having to explain your location using mile markers, street crossings, and vague landmarks. Then the waiting game.

Jrop solves all these problems and more. With focuses on car lockouts, towing, jump-starting, tire changes, ditch pulling, and gas delivery, Jrop is poised to become the all-in-one roadside assistance option for tech-conscious drivers. And all service partners through the program are insured and licensed and hold all necessary state and federal permits.


The process is optimized for user-side simplicity:

• User requests help via the Jrop application or mobile website, selects their type of service needed, pinpoints their location, and pays for the service.

• Equipped and experienced professionals arrive within a general half hour timeframe to assist users in solving their roadside problems.

• The professionals either handle the issue to get users back on the road or tow the user’s vehicle to their location of choice for further repair.

• The user can then review the service levels achieved by the provider.

Jrop operates on a flat pricing structure based on the chosen service. There are no up charges, hidden add-ons, or membership fees involved, and no contracts to sign or paperwork to fill out. Jrop runs on a pay-per-use model, and the platform is otherwise completely free to use. These payments are flexible, and multiple payment options are supported, including both credit and debit cards for lightning fast transfers.

Additionally, the Jrop model offers this towing and roadside assistance 24 hours per day, seven days a week, across the United States. There is no need to worry about closing times, voicemail messages, or dropped calls in the middle of nowhere. The company’s customer support team is also available around the clock via phone, email, or live chat. If you have an Internet connection and a Jrop account, you have assistance at your fingertips when you need it most.


Car lockouts: Being locked out of a vehicle is a widespread occurrence. Jrop has expert technicians and locksmiths ready to handle your lockout situation at the press of a button.

Towing services: Vehicle issues requiring hauling from a remote location are challenging enough. Jrop offers simplistic towing services to your site of choice, right from their website or application.

Jump-starting: Sometimes cars just fail to start. Whether temperature related, accidentally leaving headlights on or just a battery malfunction, Jrop’s jump start technicians can get you rolling in no time.

Changing flat tires: Flat tires are a sudden occurrence, and are never at a good time. If you’re stuck on the side of a busy street or in the middle of nowhere, Jrop can have someone to your location in a half hour to assist with replacing your flat.

Ditch winching: Getting stuck in a ditch is never on a to-do list. And rarely do victims know someone with a winch who can rescue them. Luckily, Jrop covers vehicle ditch removal. With a quick request, you can be on your way in no time.

Fuel depletion: Running out of fuel and miles from a gas station is a nightmare for many. Jrop understands this and caters to users’ needs with dedicated professionals ready to bring you some reserve fuel in a pinch.

On-demand transportation services are exploding in popularity. Jrop stands out from the crowd with convenience, ease-of-use, flat fees, and simple utilization at the press of a button. Don’t spend time sitting in your broken-down car waiting for AAA to arrange a dispatch. Get the help you need without sacrificing your entire day.