JooJoo 2 hopes to actually survive with Android

After the original JooJoo tablet turned into what could only be described as a failed disaster, the company behind the device is growing some thick skin and trying again – this time with Android powering the device.

The JooJoo 2 will be different from all the other Android tablets you’ve heard about. Instead of presenting the standard Google interface, developer Fusion Garage is designing their own unique visual presentation and relying on Android only for the extreme back-end of the device software.

Still, in a world of so many iPad wannabes, it’s hard to stand out. So what Fusion Garage is gonna try to do to make its product unique is focus on social networking. All pertinent information, like e-mail messages, Facebook feeds, and Twitter updates will be constantly streaming and updating on the home page. It’ll also be easy as pie for users to change statuses or send messages to friends in any manner they desire.

Fusion Garage is still tied up in litigation over its first device, which will probably end up costing them a whole bucket of money over a gadget few people ever even heard of.

But you gotta admire the company’s resilience. We’ll see if the JooJoo 2 (we’d call it the JooJooToo if we were them) can actually make a dent in the increasingly muddled tablet market.