Raging Republicans attack and beat MoveOn activist

A frenzied crowd of raging Republicans were caught on video attacking and beating a MoveOn activist at a Rand Paul rally.  

According to Politico, MoveOn.org representative Lauren Valle was grabbed by several Paul supporters, one of whom pulled a blond wig off her head.

Another pushed her roughly to the curb and stomped on her head.

“These supporters were not very nice to me and my message, which is the same as everyone else – I just wanted to get out here with a sign, but I got my head stepped on,” Valle told a Fox News reporter.

“[Unfortunately], I [now] have a bit of a headache.”

Valle was reportedly accosted after she attempted to give Rand Paul a mock award as he walked through a parking lot outside the venue for the final Kentucky Senate debate.

The “award” was to be presented by the “RepubliCorp,” an initiative started by MoveOn that purportedly highlights corporate donations to Republican candidates.