Is Motorola designing an Android-based tablet?

Motorola co-CEO Sanjay Jha recently hinted that the company may be poised to enter the crowded tablet market space.

According to Jha, the industry is currently experiencing a rapid “convergence” of PC and mobile devices.

“I actually see this convergence as being very, very important. Very, very important. We are very engaged with this marketplace,” he said during an optimistic post-earnings conference call.

“We think that tablet is one form factor, there are [a] number of other form factors and other solutions that people are engaged in. We are engaged with the development very intimately, and we will announce whatever we need too announce at the appropriate time.”

Meanwhile, Quentyn Kennemer of Phandroid noted that Sanjay’s outlook was “indicative” of Motorola’s new mobile strategy.

“The hugely successful Motorola Droid – with its quirky offsprings, the CLIQ and Backflip, amongst others – were the biggest factors in the [company’s financial] turn-around. Motorola expects to bring out 20 new smartphones this year ranging from low-end entry-level offerings to top-of-the-line Nexus-like beasts,” opined Kennemer.

“[This] tells a story about how the company feels internally about their future. If 5 handsets alone were Motorola’s saving grace, we can’t imagine what’ll happen when they begin producing phones left and right like we once knew them to do.”