"Intelligent stamps" bring snail mail to 21st century

Think snail mail is dead? Well, it’s not going down without a fight, as one company is now working on stamps with special connectivity for Android and iPhone devices.

The stamps still function just like any other ordinary postal stamp, but they have a special image patterns on them that allow anyone – the letter’s sender or receiver – to access exclusive online content.

If you have an iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, or Android phone, you need the Junaio app, which has gained notoriety for its universal acceptance of image-recognition codes.

Once the user scans in a picture of the stamp, he or she will have access to content that the stamp creator designed.

Royal Mail, which is behind the stamp revolution, hopes to make a splash with this new technology over the holiday season, and to do so has created a special collector’s line of Wallace & Gromit stamps.

So when you’re sending out all those gift cards and small gifts that fit inside an envelope, try some Intelligent Stamps. It’s like a present in and of itself!