Chinese man plays PC game on 80,000-square-foot screen

This guy really loves his games. To play an online MMO for just 10 minutes on the world’s second largest LED screen, he had to dole out around $15,000.

Measuring in at over 80,000 square feet, larger than a football field, the ginormous screen at The Place in Beijing is a sight to behold. It usually decorates the city with spectacular images of oceans and scenery, and in 2008 showcased huge broadcasts of the Olympic games.

But on Sunday night, it was all controlled by one man. He brought his personal laptop to the scene, tapped into the center’s wireless network, and streamed his favorite MMO game for all to see for about 10 minutes.

It was all on the up-and-up. The man rented out the screen to show his obsession (and assumedly, his wealth). It’s being reported that the hardcore player had to spend around 100,000 renminbi to have access to the screen for 10 minutes. That’s approximately $15,000.

The game is in Chinese and we’re not sure what MMO it is, but does it really matter? This guy paid $15,000 to play it for 15 minutes on the world’s second-largest LED screen. Our hats are off to him.