Intel showcases Tunnel Creek SoC at IDF 2010

Intel is showcasing its next-gen Atom E600 SoC lineup at IDF 2010. 

Formerly codenamed “Tunnel Creek,” the versatile E600 features an open interconnect that allows the chip to be easily fitted into a wide variety of form factors, including in-car infotainment systems, Internet phones and smart grid devices.

“The integration of the Atom processor core, memory controllers, graphics, audio and video encode/decode onto a single chip translates to a simpler board design, making it easier and faster to develop embedded applications,” an Intel spokesperson told TG Daily.

“This SoC is clearly designed to operate with legacy technology as well as future products – facilitating design reuse as well as the protection of technology and infrastructure investment.”

According to the spokesperson, Tunnel Creek achieves “optimized power and performance” at 5 watts and below, making the Atom-based chip ideal for small-form factor or space-constrained applications.

The spokesperson also noted that interconnect chipsets customized for embedded applications are already available from numerous vendors, including OKI (in-vehicle infotainment & media phones), Realtek Semiconductor (connected services gateways & medical devices) and STMicroelectronics (in-vehicle infotainment).