iControl transforms your smartphone into a gamepad

Gaming on an Android smartphone may be fun and sweet, but it really isn’t the same as playing with a full-on controller or pad.

Luckily, Craig Rothwell and the talented iCP/OPP crew have modded their iControlPad – originally designed for the iPhone – to work with Android-powered devices.

As Brian O’Toole of Android Police notes, the utilitarian iControlPad appears to be a “pretty nice” way to enjoy a real gaming experience on a touchscreen phone.

“Culled from left-over Open Pandora gaming console parts, the iControlPad [features] dual analog sticks along with rear trigger buttons,” explained  O’Toole.

“The device pairs with your phone over Bluetooth, so it should be supported by your favorite emulators.”

Looks, cool, eh?

Yeah, I can’t wait to give this thing a spin myself!

And the good news is that the iControlPad is expected to ship by the end of November – just in time for holiday season and those long, annoying flights and car rides.

But hey, I don’t think any of that is going to bother me this year!