HTC Inspires AT&T’s first 4G phone

It brought the very first Android phone to the world and was the first manufacturer to build a 4G phone in North America, and now HTC is bringing its legendary “first” status to AT&T’s 4G party as well.

A recent ad in Rolling Stone magazine shows off HTC’s big 4G collection of phones, and among them is the Inspire, a phone slated for AT&T’s emerging next-gen network.

According to reports, the Inspire 4G will have HTC’s TouchFlo interface, and looks to have a pretty big display though it’s unclear exactly how big it is. We haven’t received an official product announcement yet.

HTC also brought the G2 to T-Mobile, that carrier’s first 4G phone. The manufacturer thus easily has the biggest 4G portfolio on the market. Only a couple other phones from other players have even been announced.

The company is also going to roll out the ThunderBolt for Verizon, which also just launched its 4G network. AT&T’s 4G service is not expected to be available until some time this summer, making it far behind the rest of the pack. [[HTC]]