Seagate GoFlexes OS X HDD lineup

Seagate has refreshed its lineup of external hard disk drives (HDDs) for Mac OS X.

The new GoFlex drives allow Mac enthusiasts to easily backup (via Time Machine), shuttle or share their digital content.

A Seagate spokesperson told TG Daily that all next-gen GoFlex Mac drives are HFS+ formatted out-of-the-box.

As expected, the drives continue to support both Microsoft Windows and OS X.

Indeed, the GoFlex Mac lineup can also be used with computers running Windows by simply downloading an HFS+ driver, which facilitates full read-write access to the drive from a Windows computer.

Additional specs and pricing info:


  • FireWire 800 cable.
  • USB 2.0 cable.
  • Flexible interface – can be changed to USB 3.0 or powered eSATA for use with Windows computers.


  • GoFlex 2.5-inch ultra-portable: $200 for 1TB, $250 for 1.5TB.
  • Limited Edition 2.5-inch ultra-portable drive: Depth of 12.5mm and shorter in length than an iPhone, $200 for 1TB.
  • GoFlex Pro: 3.5-inch high-capacity drive, $220 for 2TB, $280 for 3TB. [[Seagate]]