HTC eying own operating system

HTC has apparently grown so big and confident that it is now ready to challenge the very thing that drove it to stardom – Android.

The Taiwanese company, which is responsible for such flagship Android devices as the G1, Evo, and Thunderbolt, is considering buying its own mobile operating system.

The comments come directly from HTC chairwoman Cher Wang, according to local publication Focus Taiwan. Wang noted, though, that at this point it is only an idea and nothing concrete has come of it.

It seems HTC has no interest in building its own software from the ground up, which is why HP’s bungled webOS platform may be the most intriguing plan. Wang confirmed the acquisition of webOS is one of the things the company is considering.

“We have given it thought and we have discussed it internally, but we will not do it on impulse,” she said.

Of course, webOS was nothing but a headache for HP, leading it to what can only be described as a disaster with the webOS-powered Touchpad tablet.

Currently, HTC’s Android phones run a modified version of Android, known as the company’s “Sense” interface. It allows the company’s phones to have their own unique look and feel. Apparently that isn’t enough, though.

As for webOS, HTC is not the only interested party. Samsung is also rumored to be contemplating a deal to purchase the operating system from HP. What either of these companies would actually do with such a purchase remains questionable. It’s possible both are looking for options beyond the smartphone arena and would be more interested in a third-party OS for tablets or netbooks. Regardless, it certainly isn’t a favorable situation for Android.