HTC Desire Z, Desire HD details outed

The latest phones from HTC, a company that has risen to stardom in the current generation of mobile phones, have been spotted out in the open with some brand new details.

First of all, the Desire HD will become the second mobile phone, and HTC’s first, to come pre-installed with Android 2.2. That’s according to a new product listing on online UK phone retailer

The Desire HD will pack in a 1 GHz Snapdraggon processor, an 8-megapixel camera, 720p HD video recording capabilities, and a massive 4.3-inch touchscreen. All of Android 2.2’s features will be included as well, of course, including Adobe Flash 10 and the ability to turn the phone into a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot for your laptop or any other device.

That same e-tailer also outed details of the HTC Desire Z, a less powerful addition to the company’s Desire line. It carries a 3.7-inch touchscreen with 480×800 resolution, with a 1 GHz Snapdraggon processor but will only come with Android 2.1. It will most likely get updated to 2.2 down the pike, however.

Pricing information and release dates are still waiting to be confirmed on both of these devices.

The “Desire” brand is kind of beginning to do for HTC what Droid did for Motorola, of course not to same magnitude though. The original HTC Desire (pictured above) has managed to sell through the channel quite well. Incidentally, HTC actually created one of the Droids on the market today – the Droid Incredible.

It also manufactured the very first Android phone, the G1, which was the catalyst for the previously unknown phone maker to leapfrog into a position as a leading smartphone manufacturer across the globe.