Google sells out of Nexus One developer phone

Developers have bought up the entire stock of the Nexus One, says Google’s Tim Bray, calling the device ‘a little too popular’.

That’s one way of putting it. Even before now, the Nexus One hasn’t been that easy to get hold of. To start with, the company sold it only through its web store, a brave decision that didn’t work out.

And, after deals with carriers fell through and the company closed the Nexus One Web Store, it was completely unavailable for a while.


Two weeks ago, though, it was named as the company’s official phone for Android developers, and became available for developers through the Android Developers Program.Available, that is, until a worldwide AMOLED shortage  meant that supply of the HTC-manufactured phone has dried up once again.

“A couple of weeks ago, we arranged that registered developers could buy an unlocked Nexus One via their publisher page in Android Market. We think it’s a good development platform and a nice phone,” says

Tim Bray, Google Android developer advocate. 

“Apparently, you agree. Somewhat too many of you, in fact; we blew through the (substantial) initial inventory in almost no time, and they’re back-ordered from HTC, who are doing a pretty good job of managing runaway success amid a worldwide AMOLED shortage.”

Bray says the company is working hard on re-stocking the shelves, but there’s no timescale.