How Technology and Software Can Transform Your Stagnant Classroom

It’s a problem that teachers have confronted since the beginning of the educational process as we now know it: How do you engage students? There are kids who are passionate about learning and motivated enough to follow a teacher’s lesson no matter how stodgy or old-fashioned. But there are also students who need a fire of some kind to be lit under them before they truly get excited and involved with the lessons presented.

Luckily, teachers in this day and age have technology at their disposal to help them overcome this issue. The modern classroom needs no longer be confined to the limits of textbooks and blackboards. There are myriad ways that teachers and administrators can utilize technology, specifically readily available and affordable software, to take what was once a staid, stagnant classroom and turn it into an interactive, exciting learning experience.

If you’re attempting to make this transformation, you might want to reach out to a custom software development company that can find you the perfect solution for your specific request. In the meantime, here are some ideas to get you started with a shift towards a more technologically-sound and engaging classroom.

Games Kids Play

The days of confiscating kids’ handheld games when they bring them into classroom might be over. Instead, teachers should consider meeting kids on that level, which most of them know so well. For example, a teacher could turn a dull review session into an online competition. Maybe a homework assignment in Geometry can be transformed into a puzzle-solving project that involves the whole class participating together or in small groups using online tools to connect. These are just a few ways in which teachers can help kids bring their knowledge of the gaming world into the educational experience.

No More Boring Lessons

Sitting in front of a half-awake class in the morning and dictating from a textbook is a recipe for bored (and possibly sleeping) kids who don’t retain any of what you as the teacher are saying. But a lesson spruced up with technology is another story. Why not involve a Power Point presentation which includes relevant audio and video clips? What about finding an educational podcast that’s germane to the subject you’re teaching? Kids are more likely to listen and actively participate in situations like this.

The Modern Term Paper

Getting some kids to sit down and write a ten-page paper is like subjecting them to a form of torture. Maybe the idea shouldn’t be about the quantity of information, but rather the quality. If a kid can prove that he’s done the research and understands the subject matter by giving a presentation, the mission has been accomplished. If they need the internet, a tablet, a cell phone or some other mode of technology to get that done, they should be encouraged to do this instead of forbidden.

These are just some ideas on how to incorporate technology into a school setting. Be creative and come up with some of your own as well, and your students will thank you for it later.