How to Start a VoIP Company

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is chosen over using local phone company landlines by many people. With a stable internet connection you can save enormous amounts of money on phone bills, hardware and maintenance using VoIP instead of normal landlines, and even cellular services.

Messenger apps like WhatsApp etc. are all using VoIP technology for their free calling features. The rich tech giants can afford their own systems, but there are smaller firms which prefer to outsource their VoIP needs, simply because they cannot afford to invest in a department solely to manage such complex networks.

This opens a chance for tech entrepreneurs to offer such services. If you decide to start a VoIP company based on these business prospects, here are a few of the basics you should consider when developing a business plan.

Finding Tech Workers

The idea of a hosted voip company will not be successful unless you have a perfect tech team to support you! They will help establish a functioning, state of the art network that can keep up with the demands of customers, which are either looking to introduce or enhance their existing VoIP systems.

To find the right people you can obviously put up advertisements and use recruitment drives, but there is always a risk for a new business to recruit people with insufficient, or wrong, qualifications.

The ideal situation would be to work in an established company, get all the work experience you need, and establish a network to connect with experts in the field. From that point you can separate and form a self-sustained company. Of course that will not always be an option, so due diligence and good research is the next best thing.

Facilities and Financing

A prestigious address on your business card is not the worst idea, not necessarily a guarantee for attracting clients, but it gives the impression of a financially well situated company. Since hardly anyone visits companies to negotiate contracts, a small representative office will suffice, you can set up the bulk of your company in a more affordable location. These places will need to be equipped with state of the art equipment of durable quality. The best way to get these facilities is to rent or lease them instead of directly purchasing them. This will also reduce the start capital needed.

In addition, do not obtain more equipment than you need because then you will be spending more money than you can actually generate from your business in the initial stages. Manage your finances because along with the lease, you will have to pay off any loans or mortgages you have taken out for the sake of the company. Make it a point to grow, not exponentially, but gradually.

Marketing Yourself

Today businesses prefer to start off with a bang, even before the opening. Efforts begin early to get advertising on social media, newspapers, and blogs. If you keep your work rates affordable, service quality excellent, and VoIP expertise intact, you will attract valuable clients automatically. A smaller, targeted campaign is often worth much more than big and loud campaign.

Your marketing needs to be directed at the right audience, because such a specialized service is for industries with special needs, which means you need to give sufficient details to those interested in doing business with you, and always deliver on your promises.


Start off with essential departments, and keep the environment strictly formal, and you will see that the formality will contribute to the success of the company. When your company has grown larger than you can manage alone, look for professional support, and always go for the best you can afford.