How to Save Money on Phone Calls with VoIP Technology?

Voice calling is one of the basic features in any mobile phone, either the older versions or the new swanky smartphones of today. And in our continuously networking we always need to be in constant touch with the people associated in our personal and work life.
And if you now think about the prices for international voice calling, you would never feel like using the normal call services! So, what is the best approach to solve this problem of exorbitant pricing?

VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol allows us to engage in voice communications by enabling IP networks like the internet. It basically mans that a person can use Wi-Fi services or cellular data to place voice calls in any part of the world.
And the best part about it is the cheapness and the call quality. It is really quite cheap when using VoIP almost free. And with a strong connection the voice quality can be much better than a normal voice calling service.

There are various ways in which the VoIP technology is being used such as web apps, mobile apps, websites and other such platforms. This always keeps the customer happy and definitely slashes your expenses if you are staying outside the country for a short duration.

There are various applications that can be of immense value such as those mentioned below.


This one of the best VoIP apps available in the current market. It provides various options for unlimited free voice calling.
The internet has provided a tremendous opportunity for such companies to emerge and undermine the strong foundations of contemporary telecom industries. Skype created quite a shake when it appeared on the map of voice calling.
And Skype calling is not just limited to voice but you can also have video calling over the internet.

Apple Facetime.

Nothing is as well trusted as the Apple Facetime! Facetime is one of the biggest successes of Apple industry.
Facetime has helped connect a large number of users to each other by making all the voice calling and video calling practically fear. Its brilliant camera stabilizations and image processing features make the software infallible.
The only limitation that it provides is that the facetime app works only between two iOS devices. SO that means you need to have an Apple device if you want to use this feature.

WhatsApp call.

Recently acquires by Facebook, this major internet communication service is a major disruptor of every communication service out there.
With its really simple design and easy-to-use features it was able to leave a huge impression on the world. And once the people started actively using this service, it became even harder for them to change the platforms.
In fact WhatsApp is one of the most frequently used apps. It has set impossible highs when it comes to call volumes and service use.
You can even try getting the special phones like Fanvil VoIP suit your needs.


This is also very similar to other apps on the market.
Fring service is trying to target every individual on the market. It is also based on the same concept of using internet services for voice and video calling. It even allows for regular SMS services and conference all featuring.
It has various plans that will allow it to access similar markets as the other giants in the VoIP industry.


This is a little less known compared to the famous one like WhatsApp and Skype. But it is in fact one of the fastest growing platforms for online communications.
Video and voice calling are really easy using this app. They pride themselves in their simplicity. Their marketing approach in targeting the markets speaks a lot about their campaigning and internal ideology.

Similarly, there are many other similar apps that provide the VoIP service. A lot of people actively use them every day to help in their usual activities.
You can try and have a look at some of them if you want to ease out on your calling charges.