5 tips to encourage your customers to write product reviews

Customer reviews are highly influential and have proved to increase sales of businesses dramatically.

Researchers have shown that over 60% of customers read online reviews on platforms like Adversify.com before purchasing any product and an approximate of 71% customers are most likely to make a purchase from a website that has user reviews.

Unfortunately, though, most customers are not concerned about leaving a feedback. This is why, as a business, you need to encourage the customers to write product reviews and here are 5 tips in which this can be made possible:

1. Ask them

There is no reason why the customers would write product reviews for you. It is pretty obvious that you need to ask your customers to write product reviews. That doesn’t mean flooding the website with requests for reviews. Be strategic with your requests. Think about the places where it seems relevant.

2. Make it easy

This is very important to encourage customers to write product reviews. Businesses are always concerned about the fact that removing barriers to leaving reviews would result in a wave of useless comments. But that doesn’t mean imposing excessive barriers.

You need to make sure that it is easy for customers to leave reviews. For instance, if a customer is already on your website, there is absolutely no reason to make them login again to leave a feedback. Find easier and more innovative ways in which users can leave their feedbacks which would also encourage other users to write a review.

3. Put reviews where people can see them

Customers would never leave or read comments if they don’t know they are able to. This is why it is important to think about the position of product reviews on a specific page.

Statistics are proof of the fact that reviews are essential for increasing sales and reassuring customers so put your links to reviews in a place that cannot be missed.

4. Reward them

This is a pretty appealing way to encourage customers to write product reviews. It is probably a bad idea to reward every other person that leaves a review, you can find creative ways to incentivize feedback. For example, carrying out a monthly prize draw for all customers who leave a review would be a good idea. You can offer amazing incentives to gather more reviews.

5. Change every feedback into a review

Just because some feedbacks are not submitted on your website as a review, that doesn’t mean they are disqualified from being a review. If a customer uses your product or service and has praised your efforts informally, you can ask them directly if they mind being named or if they can leave an official review.


Here were 5 simple ways to get more product reviews on your website. However, this is not an exhaustive list. This can be done in different other ways as well depending on nature of the business. So incorporate your own creativity as well.