How to find bad backlinks and remove them from your website

Bad backlinks are those poor quality, spam backlinks that point to your website from other destinations. These bad backlinks are not only poor from the search engine ranking perspective, they can be detrimental to the image of your site. These are toxic links that can be manually detected and then dis-allowed before they ruin the reputation of your site.

There are several ways to find bad backlinks and remove them one of the most effective ones is the use of Google webmaster tools. Simply click on the Google Webmaster tools and from here you can export all the backlinks on your website. Simply click on the “search traffic” option, before clicking on the option that states “Links to your website”. You will be directed to a new page where you can simply click on “more” option which is available on “who links the most” module. From here you can simply choose “download more sample links” option, which will give you the lists of good and bad backlinks in CSV format. From here you can check the domains of backlinks that are not available in Google index, before removing them manually.

When identifying bad backlinks on your website, you may have to spend a lot of time identifying and analyzing each link to determine whether they are good or not. If you don’t want to spend much time analyzing links manually, you may want to purchase an online SEO tool that helps in analyzing backlinks, these software also perform the following functions;

•Automated backlink discovery– this feature connects your website to Google analytics, hence you will receive email alerts once you get backlinks or lose backlinks. This feature will help you conduct an instant analysis on your backlinks.

• New links alert– This feature will monitor your competitors and then send you email alert when your competitors receive new links that has excellent SEO value. You may want to target such links in order to avoid looking for the wrong ones.

• The keyword rank checker– This feature will monitor the keywords you use on your web contents and how such keywords are ranked in Google.

Other features that are normally included in bad backlink checker software include; External link counts, expiration dates of backlinks, import/export of backlinks, Domain and page authorities of backlinks, Trust and citation flows of backlinks.

Backlink monitor apps are very effective in not only checking bad backlinks, they also help you determine whether your backlinks are not down but active. It should be noted that monitoring backlinks save time and hassle of checking for bad backlinks always. You need key tools and metrics that can help you monitor large amounts of data, this will definitely help you become well-organized.

With regular updates, on new links , sent to your email, you can easily detect old and broken links as well as read statistics on your competitors and then create a diverse and more natural backlink profile that will sustain your SEO strategies permanently.

Monitoring your backlinks can be very important in three major scenarios; first , when you acquire a valuable SEO link for instance, but later discovered that it has been removed , this means, you will lose money acquiring such quality backlinks. Secondly, your competitors are actively building their own links and you find it difficult to keep up. Thirdly, a blogger review your website contents and intend to exchange links with you.