How to decide which drone is best for you

When they first made their debut in the commercial world, Drones were really costly. As time went on – with increased technology advancement, the price of drones has reduced. You can even get a drone that comes at $40.

What does this mean? It means there isn’t a better time for you to own a drone than now. However, before you decide to buy that drone, you need to understand what makes a good drone and what makes a bad one before you end up buying a drone that would just be sitting in your bedroom.

Before you buy a drone, consider the following factors:

The camera

One of the most important things you should check before buying a drone is the camera specs. Always check the video and photo capturing capabilities. Of course, drones have the same digital camera specs as your normal smartphone, so there shouldn’t be any issue.

Some drones come fitted with a camera. Others give you an option to attach your own camera. If you are not technically inclined and wouldn’t easily get someone to fix a customized camera, it’s ideal to go for a built-in camera drone.

The battery life

Just like the laptops, tablets, and smartphones we use, there would be a time that drones would also run out of life – low battery. You wouldn’t want to be in the middle of an important video adventure only to realize that your battery has gone down.

To avoid this scenario, always make sure you go for a drone with a long battery life. You should also check the time it takes for a drone to be fully charged. You might also like to add a spare battery, especially if you are going far away, and aren’t sure whether there would be a place to charge when your battery runs down.

The Head Mode

Some drones come in headless mode. Others come with a head. Those with heads are preferably meant for people who have used drones before. If you are a newbie drone user, it’s good to go for the headless mode drone, which flies in the direction of your controller stick.

Built-in GPS

Not all drones come with GPS. But if you really want to enjoy your drone, at least, you should know where it is at a particular point in time. How about letting the drone tell you which part of the world it is? That’s great

Drones with built-in GPSs allow the machines to know their exact location. It also helps the drone to find its way back.

The follow-me mode

Some drones that come with inbuilt-GPS are normally equipped with the follow-me mode as well. The follow-me mode is ideal for mountain climbers, bikers etc. Instead of worrying about your drone, this mode allows your drone to follow you and record all your activities whiles you concentrate on what you do.

The range of the drone

The range of a drone is of equal importance. What if you end up buying a drone that can only move around the house? If you just want to monitor your home, you can go for short-range drones – which are normally less expensive.

If your aim is to go places, then you need a professional, long-range drone. The choice is always yours.

The obstacle-avoidance features

Just as we stumble and fall down sometimes, so do drones hit trees and stop sometimes. If you don’t want to see your drone hitting a building or tree and crashing, it’s always good to go for drones that come with the obstacle avoidance feature.

Going for such an option doesn’t come cheap though. But what’s the use of buying a drone only to have it crash a tree the next month? It’s better to spend more and enjoy your drone for a long time.

To get the best out of your drone, you need to take into consideration the range, obstacle avoidance, an inbuilt GPS, and the battery lifetime.