How to Choose the Structured Cabling System for Your Office

The communications system at home is pretty simple, but when it comes to installing modems and phone lines at the office, things are more complicated. Depending on the individual needs, you might need a specific cabling system. Connecting multiple computers, printers and phones is not an easy task, so you need to leave it to the experts. Even so, you should know which are the basics of a network and data cabling system in order to know how to pick the best option for your business.

Set your needs straight

Before you call the networking company you need to know what your needs are when it comes to cabling. All you need to do is to consider how your employees will work. Based on how many employees you have and which ones need to be connected to each other, your cabling company can establish the structure of the communications system. You need to know what type of work will take place in your office, the layout of the building and if you plan to grow the business in the future.

How you will be using your hardware

Computers and phones are the heart of any business nowadays. How your employees will use them is going to establish the cabling structure. Think if you need to conduct video calls or your employees will rely only on audio calls. Who needs to use the printer and how is also important. The actual type of work and how the data is sent between different users can determine the bandwidth. When you are telling your networking company what are your needs, you have to be as specific as possible, so the specialists can create the best system for your needs.

Maintenance costs

After establishing your needs, you need to look for a company which can offer you maintenance services. Setting up a cabling network is not enough. When something will break down, you need assistance to make it functional again. Many cabling companies offer very competitive prices for installation of the system, but no maintenance services or very expensive ones. Comparing both the installation and maintenance costs is important in choosing the right structured cabling company.


When the cabling system is being installed, you should be paying attention or receive training from the specialists. Knowing the basics about the system is going to help you a lot on the long term. Color coding the cabling system is going to come in handy when you need to check the phone cables, for example. A numbering system might also help you fix other minor issues, like checking the connection to a specific piece of hardware. These small things can go a long way, because they help you solve minor problems with the cabling system on the spot, without having to wait for the maintenance team to show up. If you have an in-house IT person or team, it might be a good decision to involve them in the process of installing the cabling system, so they can do small repair and maintenance tasks.