How to Choose the Right Online Fax Service for 2018

It is important to know that technologies such as fax and email are not dead.

In fact, these technologies are currently being used to grow businesses of all kinds and lead business owners to more success than ever.

That said, as technology advances, so do the methods in which you use services such as email and fax. For instance, you may have noticed your physical fax machine being used less these days, with people preferring to email you sensitive documents instead.

However, while email is a quick and efficient way of sending information, there is compelling evidence showing that online faxing is the more secure method for transmitting important documents.

With this in mind, you should evaluate your current business processes and look into choosing an eFax service that your company can implement in the upcoming New Year.

Not sure how to choose the best online fax service?

Check out our brief guideline, and start this New Year right – securing confidential information, ensuring delivery of documents to their rightful owners, and receiving important information without fear of malicious cyberattack.

1. Evaluate Volume

Knowing how many faxes you send and receive on a monthly basis is going to help you determine which online fax service can accommodate your needs.

If you only send and receive a handful of faxes a month, perhaps a pay-as-you-go plan will suit your company best. On the other hand, for companies consistently sending and receiving faxes, you might consider a plan with an unlimited number of transactions.

2. Get a Referral

As a business owner, it is likely you have networked with other professionals in your industry. Ask around and see what services others are using to get an idea what might work for you.

People are always willing to tell others the pros and cons of using a specific company. This information is vital when making a final decision.

3. Make a List

List the top vendors you are considering and find out what each company has to offer.

Here are some of the most critical things to look ask when researching available online fax services:

  • Is the representative knowledgeable about the available service features?
  • Are all applicable fees mentioned during the first conversation?
  • Did the representative spend adequate time answering your questions and concerns?
  • How aggressive was the rep when discussing plan options with you?
  • Do you feel the features and price points make financial sense?
  • Are you convinced the switch from a physical fax service to an online one is worth it?
  • What kind of customer support is offered?

These are all things you should be able to answer when contacting the online fax service company you are considering employing.

4. Understand the Fee Structure

It is important you ask for a detailed fee structure before agreeing to sign up for online fax services.

Some vendors will offer low initial rates, and then after a specified time period, crank up the prices after you are locked into a contracted commitment.

The key here is to get their fee schedule in writing. This way if you run into any issues you have proof that you did not agree to higher price points than what was outlined in the beginning.

5. Request a Demo

Before agreeing to use an online fax service, it is a good idea to ask for a free demo. This is something that many software developers offer their customers, and should be no different when it comes to your online fax services.

Make sure the services are compatible with your company’s existing hardware. In addition, make sure you feel confident you and your employees will be able to navigate the process of sending and receiving faxes easily.

There are so many similar fax services available; the only way to be able to tell which one is the most user-friendly is to give them a trial run.

As technology advances, it is crucial your company advances too. So, as you enter the New Year, don’t get rid of faxing altogether, as it is still a vital component for businesses that deal with important documents, but rather tweak it to meet you and your customers’ needs by going online.