How Drones Are a Major Boon for the Real Estate Industry

In modern economics, it’s very common that seemingly unrelated events actually have a great deal of mutual influence. Today we’re going to look at one such example, as so insightfully explored by COMMERCIALCafé: drone technology and improved real estate methodology.

For more than a year now, drones under 55 pounds have been legally able to enter national airspace because of provisions made in the Small Unmanned Aircraft Rule from the FAA. What’s more, anyone can get a remote pilot’s license and be perfectly qualified to use a drone. People outside of real estate may not appreciate just how ubiquitous these unmanned aircraft have become in the industry, so this post will sum up some of these factors.

Marketing Properties.

If there’s a big new listing in your area of an impressive home, you can bet that there will be a video with lush drone footage providing impressive aerial shots of the property. This change in video perspective has given a new flavor to real estate marketing. We’ve even seen drone footage from inside large properties used in these videos. This is the new normal, and the possibilities will only increase as drone technology improves.


If you’ve had a house or other property inspected in the past year, there is a good chance that your inspector used a drone to get a close-up look at the state of the property’s room. Many home inspectors inspect only the parts of the house which are easily accessible. This means they won’t be climbing up on your room anytime soon. Drones make it possible to give you more information on the roof during the home inspection, which can potentially be the deciding factor in whether or not to actually buy the property.

Construction Monitoring.

It’s amazing to see a building come together in a time lapse video. It’s even better when there is aerial drone footage to boot. Drones allow you to see progress in great detail, allowing you to supervise construction in a more detailed way without having to get your hands so dirty. You won’t even have to set foot on the site if you don’t want to, instead relying on your drone to give you the information you need while you pilot it from a distance.


Everyone needs to maintain their building once it’s purchased. Drones make this easy, especially if your building is more than one story tall. Many of the things that can go wrong with a building happen in high, hard to reach places. You may be afraid of heights or unable to find out who borrowed your ladder, but your drone can get anywhere you want to take a video of potential problems, giving you the information you need to make the necessary preventative maintenance or repair.

Drones have changed the face of real estate in dynamic and lasting ways. You can depend on the fact that drones aren’t going anywhere. No matter your place in the real estate industry, a small affordable drone could likely improve your business in ways you may not have thought about just yet.