Social games that are triumphing on the internet

The digital revolution has made the video game industry evolve a lot. New types of games and videogames have been created and they improve every day at an incredible speed.

But not only the games have changed, also the ways of playing. Although in old times the games were a way of having fun in a group, it seems that the evolution of these games is individualism. An example of this is in the virtual reality helmets, which eliminate any kind of real social interaction with other players around you; another thing are the virtual interactions you can have within the game.

Even so, social games continue to resist this evolution, and not only have they not disappeared, but they have also adapted to the new times.

Social games still have a long way to go

The social gaming, according to Wikipedia, “most commonly refers to playing online games that allow or require social interaction between players, as opposed to playing games in solitude.”

From this definition, we can already get an idea of the games we are referring to. Board games such as Parcheesi, the goose game or dominoes; card games such as Buraco, Chinchón or Truco; not forgetting games of chance such as bingo.

The vast majority of us have played these games on many occasions. Although in recent times it seems that they have been somewhat forgotten in favour of new types of games and ways of playing, they are still far from disappearing.

Playspace, the free social gaming platform that triumphs on the Internet.

Since 2011, Playspace has focused on moving these social games into the digital world, and they do it very well. It is present in more than 20 countries and has over 25,000 active players per day.

On its platform we find multiplayer games of all kinds: board games, card games, gambling, etc.

All Playspace games are free of charge, as they work with fictitious coins. By registering in one of the games they give us a lot of virtual coins, which will be used to bet on that game. If we win the game, we take the coins in play; and if we lose, they will be passed on to your opponent’s account.

What happen if we lose all the coins in our account? We can buy more coins for real money, or wait until the next day and receive the free daily recharge.

So, you know, if you like the game of Parcheesi, Bingo or Domino, Playspace is the best online site to play it.

You can play from the web platform, from Facebook or by downloading the game app directly from your Android or iOS mobile device stores.