How a Vehicle Camera Can Provide Peace of Mind

Almost as good as having an actual policeman sit in the passenger seat of your car is the installation of a camera that can capture, with accuracy, every moment of a collision. This device provides not only irrefutable independent, third-party, evidence to corroborate your version of events but also gives you peace of mind.

Producing excellent evidence and reducing stress in the event of an accident is not the only advantageous thing about having a vehicle camera with adjustable lenses. Its presence could also significantly decrease the cost to your insurance company for your car each year for both you and any additional drivers of the vehicle. Also, the police are pushing for as many members of the public as possible to use in car cameras because they can use the film footage to pursue and prosecute traffic violations made against you and others. In addition, the hideous practice of ‘Crash for Cash’ incidences, which unfortunately appear to be on the increase, can be foiled by using film footage which can easily expose their actions as a con.

There are numerous choices of camera devices available on the market. Choosing a model that is the right one for you, can prove to be quite a tricky task.

Image quality is certainly a factor to take into consideration. For film to be used effectively in any legal proceedings following a traffic incident, the quality needs to be of a high, viable, standard. A few cameras have such high quality images that they have the capacity to produce very crisp images. Cost is another factor to contemplate, and it is the norm for the better picture quality models to command a far higher price.

There is a device out there to meet every ones needs and everyone’s budget limitations, from relatively cheap and inexpensive models to those located at the more expensive end of the market. Individual’s budget constraints and their personal preference will, in the end, dictate which model will be picked.

Additional features such as the inclusion of GPS, which accurately pinpoints the precise location of any accident or incident that may take place, are only available on the more expensive models. Another feature available only on the most costly models, is the Parking Mode element. This particular feature of a device will allow the camera to instantly begin to record if the stationary car is hit, by another vehicle. Potentially, this makes catching the perpetrator possible, so that an insurance claim can be pursued and successfully made.

Several different fitting options are available and all options are equally easy to install, these include; Dashboard mounted, windscreen mounted or being connected to the rear view mirror. Regardless of which mounting position you opt for to locate your camera, it is crucial that you make sure it does not get in the way of the driver having a clear view of the road and that the camera is pointed in such a way that as much of the road in front as possible is in the camera’s view.