Hasbro makes the ugliest 3D glasses ever, for iPhone

If you’ve ever made fun of other 3D glasses, you have to check these out.

Hasbro has created a way for iPhone and iPod Touch owners to bring 3D to their coveted device. Unfortunately, the solution is far from elegant – the company’s “My3D” glasses look like those old-school Viewfinder contraptions than any sort of modern 3D technology.

By placing the glasses up to the screen, users can view 3D content on the device, and there are even seven apps in the App Store specifically for this accessory.

While it makes sense for any and every company to try to jump on the 3D bandwagon, this is just ridiculous and looks more like something that should have been an April Fool’s joke.

There’s been some speculation that the next iPhone and/or iPad will incorporate a 3D display, but if that’s the case it will undoubtedly use autostereoscopic (“glasses-fre”) 3D technology. That would go with Apple’s storied legacy of being sleek and sexy. These glasses do not follow that legacy.

But if you’re really that much of a die-hard 3D fan, the My3D kit sells for $34.99. Just, please, don’t walk around in public with it.