First iPad 2 commercial ranks high on the sappy scale

If you don’t want an iPad 2 after seeing this, then it means you can spot BS a mile away.

Apple’s first 30-second TV spot premiered over the weekend, presenting viewers with a somber piano tune in the background and an announcer with dulcet tones that could put a baby to sleep.

“This is what we believe,” the ad declares. After running a montage of various touchscreen-related apps, the commercial boasts that the iPad 2 moves technology “out of the way.”

“Everything becomes more delightful. Even magical.”

It’s a very personable, emotional ad. That’s the kind of thing Apple has always excelled at – tell customers that a product is amazing and they’ll believe, regardless of the hardware specs.

Apps showcased in the ad include stock market charts, photo galleries, and a virtual guitar. Not exactly groundbreaking, only-on-iPad ideas. Nevertheless, Apple wants you to think it’s like nothing else you’ve ever seen.

And with the dramatic camera angles that never allow you to actually see what the iPad looks like from a normal perspective, it somehow appears more…shall we say, captivating?