Via claims Dell server win

Taipei, Taiwan – Straight from the ‘you couldn’t make it up’ department comes news that plucky Via – the company that insists its name should be written in ALLCAPS – has won a deal with Dell to launch a new range of servers.

Little Via, which also has a habit of naming its silicon after Old Testament prophets, reckons its little Nano chip is set to knock Intel and AMD off their perches in a Bible story come true David vs Goliath moment.

The New York Times reckons Dell is about to announce a new server product based on the Nano. The Dell XS11-VX8 is reported to offer twelve CPUs in a single 3.5″ rackmount case, consuming a miraculous 30W.

Via’s director of chip marketing, Epan Wu, says the deal with Dell is ‘a big, major win’ for the Taiwanese outfit with a chip designed for netbook sector. Although in performance terms the Nano is a bit of a lightweight, clocked at a derisory 1.6GHz, the power consumption numbers could give it a boost in companies more interested in appearing to be green than actually delivering usable performance.