Samsung, Hynix, Silicon Image sign up to new DRAM standard

A consortium has formed to promote a memory specification for DRAM including two of the bigger DRAM firms, Hynix and Samsung, along with LG Electronics and Silicon Image.

The specification is Serial Port Memory Technology (SPMT) which will initially be aimed at the mobile handset market.

The consortium believes that SMPT will be used in devices which are media rich and which will also extend battery life.

The consortium  believes that as handsets take on the functions of notebooks, SMPT will be able to supply bandwith flexibility and scaleability with a lower pin count, low power consumption and more cheaply.

The aim is to reduce pin count by a minimum of 40 percent, provide bandwidth ranging from 200MB/s to 12.6GB/s and above, and to provide single or multiple port configurations which can connect to one SPMT enabled memory chip.

SPMT LLC will be responsible for licensing the specification as a royalty free interface spec. There’s more information at this web site.