USB 3 turns into handbag fight between Intel and Nvidia

Intel and Nvidia might not be the best of chums at the moment, but it seems that the USB3  standard is turning into a handbags at dawn fight between them.

Last week Intel wrote that it was slowing down development on work integrating USB 3.0 technology into its mainboards. The news got Nvidia fuming and sent out a press release insisting that Intel was stifling innovation.

The graphics chip maker insists that Intel has quashed its abilities to enter the chipset market and that now that it does not have any competitors, Intel is slowing down its innovation.

There might be something in this. Nvidia was trying to push its own nForce chipset and found that it was being beaten at every turn by Intel on development. In the end the Green Goblin gave up and left the motherboard race to Intel.

Now it says that with no one to oppose it, Intel is not bothering to develop anything new.