USB 3.0 gets public viewing

The USB Implementors Forum said it will show off a number of USB 3.0 applications at the Intel Developer Forum next week.

USB 3.0, which the forum describes as “SuperSpeed” is expected to be available in real products during the course of this year, although it will likely be next year before the faster standard gets real traction.

The demonstrations will include an Asus X58 motherboard exchanging data with a LucidPort USB mass storage device, the latter running the USB Attached SCSI Protocol (UASP).

There will also be a demonstration of a Fujitsu notebook with built in USB 3.0 support, exchanging data with an external Buffalo SuperSpeed USB drive.

Finally, a prototype Point Grey Research Superspeed digital video camera, using a three megapixel Sony IMX036 CMOS image sensor to output 1080p HD images at 60 frames per second, will stream HD video to a notebook using a USB Express Card made by Fresco Logic.

The Intel Developer Forum takes place between September 22nd and September 24th 2009. TG Daily editors will be there.