Toradex fits dual-core Tegra 2 on RAM-sized board

Toradex has managed to fit Nvidia’s second-gen Tegra chipset (1GHz Cortex A9) on a RAM-sized board.

According to Slashgear, the Colibri (dual-core) Tegra T20 Module includes drivers for a touchscreen, 1080p HD output over HDMI, a WSXGA+ LCD display, camera, audio I/O, SD card, USB host and 10/100 ethernet.

The board also boasts 256MB of RAM along with 1GB of flash storage.

“We might still be waiting for the first Tegra 2 tablets to arrive, but computer module specialist Toradex are looking to put Nvidia’s next-gen chipset into even smaller packages,” explained Slashgear’s Chris Davies.

“Toradex envisions it being used in embedded systems that require high-definition and 2D/3D graphics capabilities (it’s pin-compatible with previous, less potent Colibri boards for straightforward upgrades) and will start shipping samples in Q4 2010.”

Meanwhile, Brad Linder of Lilliputing noted that the Tegra T20 module measured just 2.7″ x 1.4″ x 0.2″. 

“[It] has pretty much everything you need to power a tablet, smartbook, or other mobile device — although it could also end up in set top boxes or other devices that could benefit from a low power, HD-capable platform.

“The system can pump out 1080p HD video. It supports USB host functionality, camera, audio [as well as] other functions. And the chip uses less than 2 watts of power.”