The return of the eMac: A 17-inch iMac

Cupertino (CA) – Students who simply cannot afford to sink at least $1150 into a new iMac will soon get a cheaper option if it has to be a Mac computer: The company said that it is bringing back a 17-inch model, which will be sold for $899.

The announcement was a brief not in the company’s education newsletter and there was no further information besides the fact that this system will not be sold to the general public. In effect, the cheap iMac is a successor to the original eMac, a product that was derived from the original CRT-based iMac.

The eMac was launched in 2002 with a 17-inch screen and was discontinued in 2006. Prices were as low as $800 back then.
Students currently have to pay at least $1150 for a 20-inch iMac, which represents a $50 discount over the regular 20-inch model. The 24-inch system is priced from $1400.