Tesla GPUs accelerate engineering sims

Nvidia GPU Conference 2010 – Ansys has designed a souped-up, Tesla-based HPC platform that significantly reduces engineering simulation processing time.

According to Ansys VP Dipankar Choudhury, the Nvidia GPUs – in conjunction with a quad-core processor – are capable of cutting workload turnaround time in half.

“Tesla GPUs are based on CUDA, Nvidia’s computing architecture that enables its [graphics cards] to be programmed using industry-standard languages. [This] opens up massive parallel processing power to a broad range of computing applications beyond traditional graphics,” explained Choudhury.  

“With power-efficient cores and increasingly fast access to memory, GPUs are well suited to accelerate many Ansys simulations. Indeed, [our] benchmarking shows that double precision computations of a typical workload can be performed on a GPU in around half the normal turnaround time.”

Choudhury added that the new Tesla-based HPC platform demonstrated the company’s focus on rapidly evolving Ansys software to exploit the latest technology trends in HPC computing. 

“HPC is a rapidly changing arena…And we [are] working to achieve optimized software performance – across the full spectrum of HPC technologies.”