Tegra talked out of CES finals

Despite his powerful gift of the gab, Nvidia’s Roy Taylor fell just short of winning CES’s prestigious “Last Gadget Standing” award for the firm’s sleek looking Tegra Tablet on Friday, as D-Link’s Boxee Box and Showwx’s Laser Pico Projector took joint first place.

 Taylor was given just four minutes to preach the virtues of the small seven inch, 18mm thick touchscreen gaming wonder, which boasts a powerful 1Ghz Tegra T20 processor, Adobe Flash Player 10.1, Bluetooth 2.1, Wi-Fi b/g and USB 2.0, with optional wireless 3G and GPS.

Unfortunately, four minutes just wasn’t enough for talkative Taylor to get through the long list of things the Tegra Ultra tablet can do, including allowing users to surf the web in all its flashy glory, play video games in all their gory glory, stream HD media and even hook it up to the telly for a stunning High-Def experience.

Getting unceremoniously kicked off the stage, Taylor admitted to TG Daily a bit later, “I talk a bit too much.” We forgive him for being excited about this particular product though.

Pipping the tablet to the post was the lopsided Boxee Box cube from D-Link which can stream a plethora of HD content in various video formats whilst integrating social apps like facebook and twitter so you can have a poke while you watch a film, as well as the Showwx Laser Pico Projector for beaming content onto a wall from a cell phone.