Sexpot turns Sexbot in Sin City

When in Vegas, it’s always nice to come across a friendly face, which is why TG Daily was delighted to find Roxxxy the sex robot at the Adult Entertainment Expo this weekend, slumped on a couch looking a little fatigued from all the action.

Apparently a first of its kind, Roxxxy is not just ye-run-of-the-mill blow up sex doll – oh no – she actually has personality, and can even answer back, thanks to having been created with Artificial Intelligence (AI).

The female five foot seven robot, which makers True Companion claim to be “anatomically consistent with a person” is apparently “always turned on and ready to talk or play,” with a feverishly pumping mechanical heart and liquid cooling system lest things get too hot to handle.

As well as having freakishly realistic feeling skin and a svelte 120 pound physique, Roxxxy can also hear you, speak to you, ‘feel’ your touch and “carry on a conversation.”

True Companion boasts that simply by touching Roxxxy, the sexbot will make reassuring and friendly remarks to her “mate” based on his pre-programmed likes and dislikes and kept up to date by a wireless internet connection which ensures software updates and tech support are beamed directly to her pretty little head.

Of course, she didn’t seem particularly talkative with us, but perhaps that was the result of a particularly long and grueling day of men groping at her realistic looking C cups.

True Companion also boasts that Roxxxy, who can’t walk or mechanically move her own limbs, can even “have an orgasm,” although we have a strong suspicion she might be faking it.

Like many women, Roxxxy comes with multiple personalities – five to be precise; reserved and shy Frigid Farrah, outgoing and adventurous Wild Wendy, mistress of pain and pleasure S&M Susan, barely 18 ‘Young’ and experienced teacher Mature Martha.

To customize their rubber lipped partner further, punters can also change the doll’s facial features, cup size, race and hair colour. And a male model – Rocky – is purportedly under development too, although we hope he does more than grunt like the Stallone character.

Roxxxy users can also “share” their loose limbed libido ladies with their friends, by swapping the personalities back and forth online. “You can let your friends use your girlfriends for an unlimited period of time or only for a few days (for example, only through Saturday night!)” says True Companion.

To get your paws on a Roxxxy gal, however, you’ll have to shell out between $7,000 – $9,000 depending on personal customisation, plus a monthly subscription fee.

The sexbot is currently heating up shelves in both Europe and the US, with True Companion noting she will be also become available in other parts of the world.