Super Talent and Toshiba encrypt SATA SSDs

Super Talent Technology and Toshiba have unveiled a line of encrypted SATA SSDs. According to Super Talent spokesperson Joe James, the UltraDrive DX employs a dual-security layer to thwart the unauthorized transfer of data.  

“As a first level of security the UltraDrive DX supports encrypted password protection,” said James. “As a second level of protection, the DX incorporates new hardware data randomization technology. Data randomization [occurs] automatically with every write to the drive to prevent unauthorized copying of blocks of data.”

However, James emphasized that both the encrypted password protection and data randomization were “standard” features that did not affect performance. Indeed, the DX – which utilizes sophisticated ECC and wear leveling algorithms – is capable of achieving sequential read speeds of 230 MB/sec and sequential write speeds of up to 180 MB/sec.

“As the first Toshiba co-branded SSD on the market, UltraDrive DX features a Toshiba controller and Toshiba’s MLC NAND flash memories. The DX provides best-in-class security and reliability features combined with cutting edge performance in both read and write speeds,” added James.

The UltraDrive DX line is available at the following price points:

  • 64   GB –  $219
  • 128 GB –  $439
  • 256 GB –  $719
  • 512 GB –  $1649

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