Sparkle announces 2 GB consumer graphics card

Chicago (IL) – If memory is what you need for gaming fun, then Sparkle may have an interesting new product for you: A GeForce GTX 285 card that comes with twice the memory of the reference card.

The new GTX 285 offered by the company can be purchased with the regular 1 GB or with 2 GB memory; there is no other single-GPU card on the market that offers 2 GB as well. AMD’s RV770-based 4870 X2 dual-GPU card carries 2 x 1 GB of memory and Nvidia’s GTX 295 has 2 x 896 MB.

Other than that, Sparkle’s card has the reference platform specs, which includes 240 processors, a graphics core clock of 648 MHz and a shader clock of 1476 MHz.

Sparkle promises that the 2 GB card will deliver up to 30% more performance in some games than “competing single GPU graphic card solutions.” Pricing was not announced.