Oracle bids adieu to Intel’s Itanium microprocessor

Oracle has abruptly stopped “all software development” for Intel’s Itanium microprocessor.

An official statement released by Redwood Shores attributed the decision to Intel’s “strategic focus” on x86 microprocessors and the (alleged) fact that Itanium is “nearing the end” of its lifespan.

“Both Microsoft and RedHat have already stopped developing software for Itanium,” an Oracle rep claimed.

“HP CEO Leo Apotheker made no mention of Itanium in his long and detailed presentation on the future strategic direction of HP.”

Intel, however, disputed Oracle’s assessment and reiterated its continued support for Itanium-powered platforms.

“Intel’s work on Itanium processors and platforms continues unabated with multiple generations of chips currently in development and on schedule,” explained Intel CEO Paul Otellini.

“We remain firmly committed to delivering a competitive, multi-generational roadmap for HP-UX and other operating system customers that run the Itanium architecture.”  

According to Otellini, Poulson is Intel’s next-gen 32nm 8 core Itanium- based chip and remains “on track” to more than double the performance of existing Tukwila architecture.