Tarsier impersonates Yoda the Jedi Master

A tree-dwelling Tarsier who bears quite a strong resemblance to Yoda the Jedi Master has been spotted deep in a Philippines jungle.

The cute, albeit rather sleepy creature, was snapped by photographer Erik Mikhailov during a trek through the Dagobah swamp, er, I mean rainforest on planet Earth.

“I was walking through the jungle and then suddenly spied this little guy staring back at me. [Yeah], I’m a bit of a geek, and I thought ‘hey, he looks just like Yoda,'” Mikhailov told Metro UK.

“At the time I didn’t actually know what the creature was, we were deep in the rainforest and there was so much amazing wildlife to see.”

As every Star Wars fan knowns, Yoda made his first appearance in the Empire Strikes Back, when the whiny Luke Skywalker (aka Mark Hamill) visited  swampy Dagobah with his chirpy R2D2 unit.

Luke begins training with the elderly Jedi Master, but is soon forced to embark on a rescue mission after Leah and Han Solo are taken captive by the Dark Lord of the Sith (Darth Vader) on Bespin. 

Luke manages to visit Yoda one final time in Return of the Jedi, when the ancient Master confirms the evil Vader is indeed his father.

Yoda then passes away at the ripe old age of 900, his body slowly disappearing as he becomes “one” with the Force.