Oracle and Sun showcase ‘world’s fastest’ database machine

San Francisco, Calif. Oracle and Sun have introduced the “world’s first” online transaction processing (OLTP) database machine. According to Oracle CEO Larry Ellison, Exadata 2 is the “fastest machine” for both data warehousing and online transaction processing.

“Exadata Version 1 was the world’s fastest machine for data warehousing applications. Exadata Version 2 is twice as fast as Exadata V1 for data warehousing, and it’s the only database machine that runs OLTP applications. Exadata V2 runs virtually all database applications much faster and less expensively than any other computer in the world,” said Ellison.

“The CPUs are faster, the network is faster and the disks are faster. Exadata 2 offers a huge smart cache – not dumb flash disks – that provides a sophisticated hierarchy capable of performing complex algorithms. This system can achieve one million random i/o’s per second.”

Ellison added that Exadata V2 was a “fault tolerant” machine with endless room for expansion.

“There is no single point of failure. It is completely fault tolerant and keeps running, even if multiple components malfunction. IBM has nothing like  Exadata V2. They mirror disks, but that is about it.”

The Exadata V2 was designed using standard hardware components and features Oracle Database 11g and Exadata Storage Server Software Release 11.2.

Additional specs include:

  • Intel Xeon (Nehalem) processors
  • 600 GB SAS Disks at 6 Gigabits/second
  • DDR3 memory
  • 72 Gigabytes (memory) per database server
  • 40 Gigabits/second InfiniBand
  • Raw disk capacity of 100 TB (SAS) or 336 TB (SATA) per rack