AMD introduces $100 quad-core processor

San Francisco, Calif. AMD has introduced a quad-core processor with a $100 price tag. The Athlon II X4 620 is based on 45nm processor architecture and fully optimized for Windows 7.   

“As part of the new desktop platform designed for mainstream consumers, AMD announced the first ever quad-core processor for less than $100 SSBP,” the company explained in a statement. “By balancing the power of new Athlon II X4 quad-core processors and the 785G chipset featuring ATI Radeon HD 4200 graphics, AMD delivers smooth HD visuals and the foundation for a great Windows 7 experience.”

According to AMD, the mainstream desktop platform offers accelerated 3D performance and facilitates the quick setup of multiple displays. In addition, the platform provides smooth MCE video playback, virtual XP support, integrated power management and access to various Fusion utilities.

Finally, the deskptop platform includes a number of dynamic power efficiencies, the latest DirectX 10.1 and ATI Stream technologies.

“Combining the efficiency of 45nm processors and this platform’s built-in power management technologies for a cool and quiet PC, an Athlon II processor-based platform can serve-up an amazing Blu-ray movie experience using less energy than a standard 75 watt light bulb,” claimed AMD.