Nvidia’s 3D Vision reaches critical mass

Nvidia’s 3D Vision has reached a critical milestone, with over 1,000 products now supporting the popular platform.

“Industry adoption of 3D Vision has outpaced even our best expectations,” Nvidia spokesperson Andrew Fear told TG Daily in an e-mailed statement.

“Less than two years after the introduction of 3D Vision at CES 2009, there are now 1,000 products in its ecosystem, including notebook and desktop PCs, displays, TVs, projectors, GPUs, video applications, cameras and games.”

Although Fear attributed Vision’s success to the “huge trend” towards 3D, he emphasized that Nvidia had also stepped up its collaboration with developers and partners to ensure that gamers had a great 3D experience “right out of the box.”

“We support more games (475+) than any other 3D technology, including the most popular game franchises: Call of Duty, Civilization, StarCraft, StarCraft II and World of Warcraft.

“And later this month, we’ll [introduce] Nvidia’s 3DTV Play, which allows users to attach their PC or notebook to 3D TVs and HDMI 1.4-capable televisions. 

“[Of course], 3DTV Play will also enable users to view 3D videos, sports, shorts, and more on Nvidia’s 3D Vision Live – the world’s first 3D streaming Web channel.”

Interested in buying some 3D vision-ready gear? Well, then, check out the list of vendors below. 

  • Notebooks – ACER, ASUS, Clevo, CyberPower, iBuyPower, Origin, Sager and Toshiba.
  • Desktop monitors – ACER, Alienware, ASUS, BenQ, LG, NEC, Samsung and ViewSonic.
  • Projectors – ACER, LightSpeed Design, Optoma, NEC, Sanyo, and ViewSonic.
  • All-in-One / Home Theater PCs – ASUS and AsRock.
  • Photo / Video Cameras – FujiFilm, Panasonic and Sony.