AMD showcases Llano APU

AMD recently showcased the raw power of its Llano APU by simultaneously processing three separate compute-and graphics-intensive workloads.

The demo featured a trio of individual “tasks” running on Microsoft Windows 7, including calculating the value of Pi to 32 million decimal places, decoding HD video from a Blu-ray disc and powering Microsoft’s nBody DirectCompute app at an impressive 30 GFLOPS.

“Llano is the kind of APU that makes you stop and stare. It stands to delivers world-class performance, ranging from everyday multi-tasking to stunning video and gaming,” explained AMD corporate VP Chris Cloran.

“[We believe that] the serial and powerful parallel processing capability of the Llano APU has the potential to make OEMs and consumers re-think their computing experience.”

However, Cloran emphasized that the demo provided only a “glimpse” of what the processor was ultimately capable of delivering in next-gen notebooks, ultrathins and desktop PCs.

“Nearly everything consumers love about their digital lifestyles today – social networking, gaming, consuming and creating media – can be enhanced with Llano, enabling a more interactive, vivid and immersive experience,” he added.