Nvidia Tesla GPUs power Cray blades

Cray is currently developing blades based on Nvidia’s Tesla 20-Series GPUs for its advanced XE6 lineup.

“The combination of [our] new Gemini system interconnect – paired with Nvidia’s Tesla – will provide XE6 [users with] a powerful combination of scalability and production-quality, GPU-based high performance computing (HPC) in a single system,” explained Cray VP Barry Bolding.

According to Bolding, the use of GPUs as accelerators in the HPC marketplace is simultaneously evolving and expanding.

“[As such], we will [soon] be able to offer customers a full range of accelerator solutions for HPC – from the deskside to the supercomputer. 

“And the Cray CX line of deskside and midrange systems – including the Cray CX1 and Cray CX1000 systems – are [already] available with NVIDIA Tesla GPUs.”

In addition, Bolding noted that both companies would continue to collaborate on the development of future GPU accelerator technologies in HPC – with the goal of blazing a “potential” path towards exascale computing. 

“[And we] are [also] partnering with Nvidia on a team that was recently awarded a $25 million research grant from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) as part of its Ubiquitous High Performance Computing (UHPC) program,” he added.