Microsoft patents EMG controller technology

Microsoft has applied to patent a controller that operates on the principle of electromyography, or feedback generated by human muscles. 

According to TechFlash, the EMG system translates electrical activity from muscles into instructions which are then processed by a computer. 

“As computing and digital information becomes integrated into everyday environments, situations arise where it may be inconvenient or difficult to use hands to directly manipulate an input device,” read the patent application obtained by TechFlash.

“[Our] approach is to infer user input from sensed human muscle activity. Advances in muscular sensing and processing technologies make it possible for humans to interface with computers directly with muscle activity. 

“One sensing technology, electromyography (EMG), measures electrical potentials generated by the activity of muscle cells. EMG-based systems may use sensors that are carefully placed according to detailed knowledge of the human physiology. Specific muscle activity is measured and used to infer movements, intended or not.”

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