Invetech designs 3D bio-printer for human tissue repair

Invetech has designed a 3D bio-printer that will be used by scientists to advance human tissue repair and organ replacement.

The first production model has already been delivered to Organovo, which is expected to supply the system to institutions and medical research centers around the world.

“Scientists and engineers can use the 3D bio printers to enable placing cells of almost any type into a desired pattern in 3D. Researchers can place liver cells on a preformed scaffold, support kidney cells with a co-printed scaffold, or form adjacent layers of epithelial and stromal soft tissue that grow into a mature tooth,” explained Organovo CEO Keith Murphy.

“Ultimately the idea would be for surgeons to have tissue on demand for various uses, and the best way to do that is get a number of bio-printers into the hands of researchers and give them the ability to make three dimensional tissues on demand.”

According to Murphy, the 3D bio-printer features an intuitive software interface that allows engineers to build a model of the tissue construct – before the printer commences the physical constructions of the organs cell-by-cell using automated, laser-calibrated print heads.

The system also includes dual print heads, one for human cells and another that can be used as a hydrogel, scaffold, or support matrix.