Micron touts 2-Gigabit DDR2 memory for ARM-based smartphones

Micron is currently sampling a monolithic 2-gigabit(Gb) low-power DDR2 (LPDDR2) memory device designed to facilitate improved battery life and optimized system performance for ARM-based smartphones. 

Micron spokesperson Eric Spanneut told TG Daily that the new 2Gb LPDDR2 can be used as a stand-alone device or in combination with the company’s NAND for high-capacity multichip package (MCP) or package-on-package (POP) applications.

“By stacking four of these 2Gb LPDDR2 memory devices, [we] can achieve an ultra high-density, 8Gb-based solution,” Spanneut explained in an e-mailed statement.

“As today’s smartphones and smartbooks become more feature rich and application intensive, more memory is required to keep the system operating at peak performance.”

According to Spanneut, the “power and performance” benefits of LPDDR2 make it an ideal mobile memory solution for ARM-based systems. 

“ARM is a market leader in providing processor IP and other key building blocks that enable a spectrum of mobile devices to combine exceptional performance with long battery life,” said Spanneut.

“[We] work closely with the ARM community to design LPDDR2 memory solutions into their mobile offerings, providing a complete package to the handset vendors.”